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Emergency Transportation Specialist

Emergency Transportation Specialist

Chez Équipe-Express nous vous offrons la possibilité d’avoir un chauffeur dédié à court ou à long terme.

For our regular, cheaper services , we pick up in the morning and deliver in the afternoon (AM / PM service) , or we pick up in the afternoon and deliver the next morning (PM / AM service). We also have an overnight service where we pick up your merchandise during the day and deliver before 5:00 pm the next day.

With the “just-in-time” solution becoming more and more fashionable, we now offer you a warehouse service ! Indeed, we can store your goods and deliver them at the date and time of your choice.

Please note!

For pallet transport , any waiting period will incur a fee of 75 ¢ per minute in addition to the regular fee.

A surcharge will be applied to regular transport costs for “Hazardous Materials”.

Pricing per pound, kilogram or unit is available at all times.

The compensation fee will be charged in case of “canceled race” (No Pick-up) . An overcharge will be applied for any delivery to be made before 8: 00h or after 17: 00h.

service de transport d'urgence et régulier

Emergency Specialist

service de transport d'urgence et régulier

Our specialty: Emergency, is intended for any company willing to work or have collected, parts or equipment (heavy) requiring deadlines the same day or even a few hours, and this throughout Quebec.